Setting up Zabbix to monitor the Network devices

SNMP Information

For SNMP communication to happen between the zabbix and the network devices, UDP Port 161 needs to be opened for the inbound part on the Zabbix servers security group.

Community String Macro variable — {$COMMUNITY_STRING}

Community string — arca-comm

Network Device Configuration

This is done on each device to be monitored by Zabbix.

and run the below commands

Commands to Run on Network Devices Collapse source

snmp-server community comp-comm RO
snmp-server enable traps snmp authentication linkdown linkup coldstart warmstart
snmp-server host zabbix_url version 2c comp-comm

Zabbix Dashboard Configuration

The Host will appear on the Hosts page, with its status enabled while waiting for the Zabbix server to show the availability of the network device.

After a short while (less than 5 minutes), the under availability, SNMP will be highlighted with green to show that it is available.

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